Skilled Legal Support in Juvenile Court

Raising a child is an enormous responsibility, and any parent or guardian will inevitably make mistakes. In some cases, an alarming incident may raise questions about whether a parent has the skills and disposition to provide a reliably safe and stable environment in which to raise a child. When these questions reach the legal system, they are handled by an agency known officially in Kentucky as the Child Protection Branch of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. This agency is also commonly called by the more generic name "Child Protective Services" or CPS.

At Richardson & Associates Legal Group, PLLC, we are committed to helping our clients advocate for the well-being of the children in their lives. Our clients include parents whose competence is challenged by a relative or by CPS; we also represent grandparents and other relatives seeking custody of a child who they believe is not in the best possible environment with their parents or current guardians.

Our underlying goal is to help our clients put their best foot forward in demonstrating their ability to raise and protect a child. Like you, we want to see the child in your life thrive as he or she grows up.

We Can Help You Advocate for the Child in Your Life

Our firm assists with a wide range of family law matters, including:

  • Children struggling with drug addiction

  • Parents struggling with drug addiction

  • Custody actions

  • DNA testing

Richardson & Associates Legal Group, PLLC is proud to keep a social worker on our staff. This crucial team member's perspective informs our legal advice and allows to offer a more thorough range of family law services for our clients. In addition to assisting in legal custody matters, our social worker can help you identify and connect with counselors and other resources to address long-term problems such as drug addiction.

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