Custody and Support Plans That Meet the Needs of You and Your Child

Divorce is almost always painful, and unfortunately, it is much more complicated when children are involved. When emotions are running high, it is not easy to create child custody and child support plans that meet your children's needs as well as your own. At Richardson & Associates Legal Group, PLLC, we will help you create a stable and loving environment for your children while also standing up for your financial interests. We understand that it's possible to be a great parent after divorce while also protecting your assets.

Whether you are the higher-earning parent or the lower-earning parent, a skilled child custody lawyer can help you reach a sustainable parenting plan that reflects your financial interests. If you are seeking child support payments, we can help you negotiate a fair amount. If you are being asked to pay child support, we will work to ensure that you are not bearing a disproportionate share of your children's financial needs. In every case, we will work with you to make sure your children can grow up happy and healthy without sacrificing your ability to advocate for your own needs.

Find the Skills of a Lawyer and a Social Worker in One Place

Richardson & Associates Legal Group, PLLC, may be the only law firm in Kentucky that has a social worker on staff. This key team member gives us a unique perspective on family law matters and elder law cases. In addition to reaching fair and sustainable agreements that reflect your interests, we also place a high value on your family's broader interpersonal needs. When needed, we can help you connect with family services for yourself and your children that can assist in creating a stable household after divorce or other emotionally distressing changes in your family.

A little bit of legal advice can go a long way in navigating divorce and child custody. To learn more about how Richardson & Associates Legal Group, PLLC, can help you create a parenting plan that meets your needs and your children's, schedule a free initial consultation in our Louisville, Kentucky, office. To set up an appointment, call or send us an email.