What to Do If Your Parent's Nursing Home Is Stealing from Them

Richardson & Associates Legal Group, PLLC May 24, 2019

What would you do if someone was stealing from a person such as a senior citizen? How would you feel if that person was also someone’s loved one? Now, imagine that person is both, like your parent or grandparent. This is the reality many people face when their loved one has moved into an assisted living or nursing home facility.

It’s a sick reality of the world today that people prey on the vulnerable. Criminals target senior citizens, in particular, because of their perceived wealth. These criminals can be someone close to the resident, but they can also be facility staff—the same people whose jobs are to care for your loved one. Sometimes, these criminals can steal thousands of dollars from a resident before someone catches on.

Your ability to help your loved one will depend, in part, on your ability to spot the signs of financial exploitation. A few signs of financial exploitation include:

  • Missing checkbooks or credit cards.

  • Your loved one expressing concern that someone is somehow stealing money from them.

  • Your parent or grandparent becoming upset whenever a certain staff visits their room.

  • A new pattern of secretive behavior in your loved one, including hiding their valuable possessions.

How You Can Take Action

The Kentucky Adult Protective Services investigates claims of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. They serve as an advocate for your parent or grandparent when they may feel defenseless in their situation.

If necessary, Kentucky Adult Protective Services involves law enforcement in their investigation. These investigations can lead to charges of fraud, larceny, money laundering and more for anyone found responsible for financial exploitation.

It’s a good idea to have a record and photos of your loved one’s possessions and valuables so that your claims are as substantial as they can be.

You nor your family needs to fight this battle alone. Government services and law enforcement are great resources for stopping the financial exploitation of your parent or grandparent.