How Frequent Business Travel Leads to Convenient Opportunities

Richardson & Associates Legal Group, PLLC July 5, 2019

Divorce doesn’t just appear out of thin air one day. There is usually a build-up of reasons that create the perfect emotional and moral damage to support a breach of fidelity. Once the walls of your marriage are damaged for various reasons (i.e. constant arguments, lack of mutual respect and support, lack of communication and teamwork, etc.) it makes it easy to consider taking advantage of a convenient opportunity, like an affair.

Unfortunately, wealthy businessmen or women who travel frequently are at a higher risk for committing adultery due to the convenience of the situation. Many wives are surprised to find out their husbands (and vice versa) are being less than honest when it comes to the details of company travel time.

Here are some examples of how business travel creates an opportunity for affairs:

Was the “Business Trip” Even Legitimate?

When a spouse is used to his or her partner going away on business trips, it is easy to stage another “business trip” to cover a getaway with the mistress. How do you know that every company travel opportunity is legitimate? An employee may tell the company about taking time off and tell a spouse about a “company trip”.

Are You No Longer Invited on Business Trips or Allowed to Drop Off/Pick up from the Airport?

Sometimes business partners cross the line and become more despite the fact marriage is at hand. It may be suspicious if you are no longer invited to join your spouse on a business trip. And you are asked not to drop or pick up your loved one from the airport. Sometimes, getting a ride with a co-worker may seem more convenient if you have small children at home and an early flight to catch. However, it could be a sign that something else is going on if you notice a pattern of this type of behavior.

Extending the Trip for Personal Gain

Perhaps your spouse claimed the business trip would only be a couple of days, but it lasted a week. Maybe you were told the trip would be five days when the company trip was only three. Adding days before or after an out-of-town business event is a good way to have some “fun time” with your lover and simultaneously wreck your marriage. This can happen anywhere, but especially if a person frequently visits the same location and has created connections with someone there.

Not every married person who goes on a business trip is guilty of taking advantage of the convenient opportunities that await them. However, it is important spouses can spot the patterns that typically point towards infidelity. Especially since high-asset divorces are usually next in line after uncovering deception related to business travel.